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Ministry Software

Ever feel short-handed or waste of human resources on the contrary when preparing Sunday service bulletin each week? At CCS, we developed a series of church-related software and provide complete proposal that solves the need in ministry. With system integration and data-sharing, ministry is easier, more pleasant and sweeter day by day.

Cloud Worship System

Cored along with church web page, Cloud Worship System (a.k.a. CWS) is a multifunctional system that includes:

  • Custom-made web site designed according to ministration needs.
  • Using user-friendly Content Management System as interface for hassle-free web page content update.
  • Links to social network system such as Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing of Sunday services with friends and family.
  • Includes user interface that allows each fellowship to manage and update their activities and information independently.
  • Integrates the information input by each fellowship to reduce possible data duplication while updating.
  • Subsystems Bulletin Designer, Worship PPT Maker and Offering Assistant can each stand alone as individual software or be combined together for easy information sharing in CWS.

Bulletin Maker

  • Build-in Bible and hymns databases; using scroll-down combo-box to set up Bible verses and hymns with ease.
  • Automatically loads information from service program and shift schedule preset in the system.
  • Provides selections of bulletin layouts to serve the needs of different churches and occasions.
  • Easy-to-use editing interfaces that auto-adjust and format contents to fit the bulletin layout. Making bulletin has never been this quick and easy.
  • Allows users to create one-of-the-kind bulletin that suits the church’s image and need like WORD template concept.

Workship PPT Maker

  • Build-it Bible and hymns databases; using scroll-down combo-box to easily set up PowerPoint files.
  • Prepare and store frequently-used worship PowerPoint files for easy retrieval.
  • Create PowerPoint layouts according to variety of Sunday worship programs by yourself.
  • Via database integration with Bulletin Maker, bulletin and PowerPoint can be generated at the same time.
  • New modules may be added to serve the need of special occasions or difference in worship programs among churches.

Offering Assistant

  • Key-in and manage weekly offering information with user-friendly interface.
  • Offers function that helps manage membership information and keeps them confidential.
  • Generate weekly offering data to post on the bulletin.
  • Generate year-end offering receipts and mailing stickers for tax filing.

More Requests?

We are glad in offering ourselves to serve the Lord, and the development of Cloud Worship System is our way to assist everyone who wishes to join this journey of ministry. If there’s any question or further needs, please feel free to contact us.

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